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ECOPATENT® bed pans set-PM-3




disposable bedpan

cellulose bedpan


Bed pans are suitable for use in all hospital departments and nursing facilities. The bedpan is designed as an collecting container for human waste like urine and other body secretions. The big advantage …

11 Oktober 2014 at 13:04 - Comments

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper bedpan Set-EC69439

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper bedpan Set-EC69439






disposable bedpan

made from recycled paper


Model: EC69439

features & benefits
  • stable positioning due to the flat bottom of the bowl
  • to separate product stackable and easy
  • also easy to carry
11 Oktober 2014 at 12:23 - Comments

Recycled Paper Set

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

MRSA and Norovirus protection sets




Bedpan Set PM-4 ..bedpan Set-EC69439

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper                                        Set ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

bedpan set PM-4                                                                   bedpan set EC69439

toilet seat-pot Set-PM-2P.. urine bottle bulbous Set UB-3G

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set                                 ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

chair bowl set PM-2P                                                           …

11 Oktober 2014 at 10:41 - Comments