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Pulp disposable containers & macerators



Disposable Bedpan

Pulp Bedpan


Bedpans are suitable for universal use in hospital wards. In general, the area of application of the bedpan are hospitals and nurcing facilities. The bedpan is designed as a container for collecting excretions of feces and urine. The bedpan allows the dispensing of excrements while lying and spares bedridden patients that can not walk to the toilet. Used and contaminated pulp bedpans are to be directly disposed of after single use. With the help of the Ecopatent ECO-Finisher Macerator the bedpans can be shredded and disposed of in the existing sewage system. Our Ecopatent PM3 Bedpan and the ECO-Finisher Macerator form in combination a single-use system. The PM3 bedpan impresses with its simple white design, as well as the excellent convenience for the patient. Pressure points and temperature problems as with the conventional stainless steel bedpan from now on belong to the past. Through the use of Ecopatent bedpan, workflows can be optimized and costs can be minimized.


Bedpan PM3 Ecopatent

Disposable Pulp Bedpan PM-3

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