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Utility Bowl

Utility Bowl

Disposable round-shaped utility bowl

Pulp Utility Bowl


The utility bowl is usually used in combination with a commode, commonly known as toilet seat, under which the utility bowl is placed. The utility bowl is then used for collecting the feces of patients. The utility bowl can be made of different raw materials. The most widespread form is the stainless steel utility bowl. But there are also more hygienic and easier to handle utility bowls. Utility bowls made of pulp, for example, have the advantage that the tedious cleaning of this utility bowl is omitted and the hygienic concerns connected with the usage of stainless steel or plastic utility bowls belong to the past.

The utility bowl  is i.e. used in hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities. Contaminated utility bowls made of pulp will be disposed of after single use.

Utility bowl NT - CB 1 Ecopatent

Disposable utility bowl NT – CB 1

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