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ECOPATENT International

Pulp disposable containers & macerators

ECO Finisher Macerator 750 E


with an electronic display control system

The alternative to common bedpan washers (bedpans)

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ECO Finisher Macerator 750 E

Advantages of the new macerator:

1) It displays information on the course of the operating cycle, e.g. information on the remaining time of the operating cycle.

2) There is the possibility to switch the START button although the water tank is empty. As soon as the tank is refilled, the device automatically starts.

3) Function „Active Disinfection“

1. Disinfectant will be added to the defibered material. The exposure time will be 5, 10 or 15 minutes.
2. Afterwards, the operating cycle regularly continues. This includes all rinsing processes and optionally a disinfection of the inner chamber at the end of the operating cycle – if chosen.
3. The operating cycle will be extended by the chosen exposure time.

4) Function „Extended Disinfection of the Inner Chamber“

1. At the end of the operating cycle, disinfectant will be squirted into the inner chamber having an exposure time of 1 minute.
2. At this time, the lid cannot be opened.
3. The operating cycle will be extended by 1 minute.

5) Information on the display will be available in 4 languages (German, English, Czech or Russian).

6) The display enables the staff to receive information on the following:

1. The position of the lid
2. The locking of the lid
3. The current status of the disinfection
4. The water level in the water tank
5. The current status of the water pipes if the water tank is not refilled within an appropriate timeframe (e.g. due to impurities on the strainer in the hose)

7) Information on malfunctions (audible signal & information on the display)

1. Motor blockade
2. Blockade of the water pump
3. Failure of the drain valve LINAK and its overload protection
4. Water leak from the system
5. Communication failure between control panel and control plate