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ECOPATENT International

Pulp disposable containers & macerators

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Toilet Seat Pot Set PM-2P

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Toilet Seat Pot Set PM-2P





R-FIN commode pot

disposable toilet seat potty round shape

commode pan cellulose


Model: PM-2P / approx 255 x 150 mm / 6.15 liter volume




  • ready commode pot made ​​of recycled paper
  • disposable toilet seat potty
  • environmentally friendly, hygienic and economical

Disposable containers made ​​of recycled paper for use in healthcare facilities to prevent infection.
Universal used in ambulances, surgerys, laboratorys and radiology departments, MRI and central sterilization. Commode pots are used in hospitals, nursing homes, in the rescue and patient transport and others. Contaminated commode pots of pulp are discarded after use, but they can also be shredded into ECOPATENT® ECO-finisher  (Macerator) and disposed via the existing sewer system.




R-FIN cover COV-1R

disposable cover

cover made from recycled paper


Type: COV-1R


Gelling agent

Gelling agent for liquids

 in dissolvable bag


Sodium polyacrylate is a super absorber. This consists of polymers has the capacity to absorb and bind many times of its own weight in liquids . The application areas are primarily hospitals or care institutions. It is also used outside of these institutions, such as in chemical-free toilet systems to dispose the urine into the regular household garbage. Gelling agent is additionally wonderful to reduce odor significantly. The binding process only takes a few seconds.


The special properties of superabsorbent polymers:

Fluid absorption and retention
of their high absorption power super absorbent is suitable for a wide variety of applications from the manufacture of bandages to be used in fire fighting.

High thickening capacity
superabsorbent can thicken liquids to a solid gel. They are therefore particularly suitable for the solidification of medical waste.
If swelling capacity of the superabsorbent come into contact with liquid, they swell. The swollen polymer has the characteristic of storing heat or cold over a longer period. It is therefore used as a hot / cool pack for example in the packaging industry or in medical care.

Moisture management
in a variety of applications superabsorbent be used for regulating moisture. Thanks to the special properties the polymer can often absorb moisture and release it again.
Seen Chemistry of SAPs Chemically, copolymers of acrylic acid and sodium acrylate, wherein the ratio of the two monomers (n / m) may vary from one another. In addition, cross-linker is added during the polymerization. Depending on the degree of crosslinking to also modify the properties of the polymer.
The mode of action of liquid is absorbed (absorbed), the granules swell greatly. This forms a hydrogel. Even under pressure, the liquid can no longer so easily push from the hydrogel.


General toxicological information:
When used and handled according to specifications, using expected to produce harmful effects of the product, at our discretion.



ESA 1-6

Type ESA 1-6: 70 x 30 x 10 mm 6 g

 Sodium polyacrylate characteristics:


  • outer shell: decomposes within 20 s in water turbulent flow
  • absorption of water, waste water, sewage, blood, urine
  • liquid waste disposal
  • waste
  • clinical waste disposal
  • color: white
  • dimensions: 70 x 30 x 10 mm
  • gross weight: approx: 6 g
  • bound volume of urine: 700 g
  • HAZARDS: No special hazards known.


Toilet paper double-wide



Type ET-2W toilet paper universal usefull double wide 2-ply

Toilet paper is universally applicable as: toilet paper, wipe and multi-purpose cloth and cover for hygiene containers.



1 box consisting of:


  • Commode pot gray PM-2P 22 Piece
  • Cover gray PM-2P 22 Piece
  • Super Absorb 6g 22 pieces
  • Toilet paper double wide 1 roll
  • Universal cardboard used as shelf system and dispenser-




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