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Ecopatent clinical products

Patients in need of care are oftentimes dependent on the use of containers like bedpans, bowls for toilet chairs, urine bottles and other nursing articles for their everyday personal hygiene. After every use these containers need to be cleaned and disinfected, which is an expensive procedure.

Cost-intensive cleaning and disinfection equipment is used for this process which consumes water, electricity and chemicals and deprives of their nurse time. In addition, all cleaning and disinfection equipment has to be constantly validated and inspected at least every six months. Regular inspections still cannot completely exclude the risk of infections caused by technical defects between maintenance intervals. Furthermore, the degree of disinfection of the cleaning and disinfection equipment oftentimes is not sufficient to eliminate multi-resistant pathogens.

ECOPATENT® manufactures containers from environmentally-friendly cellulose that can be completely disposed of through sewage systems along with human waste. Unlike recycled newspaper containers that include materials prohibited by many sewage treatment plants, cellulose is truly 100 % biodegradable. Therefore, ECOPATENT® developed an innovative processing technology for the production of absolutely leak-proof cellulose containers.

The ECOPATENT® ECO-Finischer – Macerator completely defibers and liquefies the containers with the aid of cold water. A thin cellulose pulp paste remains which can be legally disposed of through the sewage system.

With the help of the ECOPATENT® System, hospitals and nursing homes can minimize the risk of infections and considerably lower their expenses by saving energy consumption and time. In addition, the ECOPATENT® System is very environmentally-friendly because sewage pollution from chemicals used in traditional disinfection units can be completely eliminated.

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