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Instrument tray

Instrument Tray

Disposable Instrument Tray

Pulp Instrument Tray


An instrument tray is commonly known as instrument dish or meditainer. The instrument tray is suitable for sterile instruments used in each facility (hospital, clinic). Instrument trays are used to store or transport surgical tools. Thus, using the instrument tray, one can increase the hygiene level and limit the infection outbreaks. Every use of a reusable instrument tray made of steel, glas or plastic, that was several times in circulation can not ensure the same level of hygiene as an unused, new, disposable container. Conventional instrument trays are cleaned in dishwashing machines. Unlike the ECOPATENT instrument trays made of pulp. The used pulp instrument trays are to be disposed of after single use. The instrument trays can be shredded with the help of the ECO-Finisher-Macerator and disposed of through the sewage system.

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Instrument tray MT 65 Ecopatent

Instrument tray MT 65

see: Meditainer 65 / Meditainer 73 / Meditainer 75

Instrument tray MT 73 Ecopatent

Instrument tray MT 73

Instrument tray MT 65 Ecopatent

Instrument tray MT 75

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