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ECOPATENT International

Pulp disposable containers & macerators

Kidney Bowl EM 2

ECOPATENT® Kidney Bowl EM 2

Disposable Kidney Bowl


Kidney Bowl EM 2 Ecopatent

Disposable Kidney Bowl EM 2

Type EM 2: about 140 x 220 x 62 mm



  • ready-to-use kidney bowl made of 100% cellulose
  • disposable kidney bowl
  • no chlorine bleaching
  • environmentally friendly, hygienic and economic
  • liquid-proof for at least 8 hours
  • possibility to sterilize it with Gamma rays

All-purpose container at hospital wards, outpatients, ambulances, operating theatres, laboratories, X-ray departments, MRT and CSSD. Intended for collecting medical instruments and medical waste.

The kidney bowls are, among others, used for collecting vomit of a patient in a hospital, nursing facility and emergency response unit.

The elevated shape of the kidney bowl allows its position as close to the pacient.

After use, contaminated kidney bowls made of cellulose will be disposed of or – using the ECOPATENT® ECO-Finisher-Macerator liquefied and defibered in order to dispose them of through the sewage system.


Pack unit (box) Weight (unit) 0,024 kg Weight (box) 5,465 kg Weight (pallet) 151,160 kg

1 box = 200 units

1 pallet = 24 boxes = 4800 units

Minimum order quantity 1 pack unit = 1 box



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