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Urine Bottle

Urine Bottle

Disposable Urine Bottle

Pulp Urine Bottle


A urine bottle (also called urinal or duck) is a vessel used both in hospitals and care facilities, as well as in long-term care, emergency and home care in order to collect the urine of a patient (urinal).  The use of the urine bottle is a proven way to spare sick and weak people the walk to the toilet.

Earlier, the urine bottles were made of glas and today they are made of plastic or pulp – a disposable urine bottle. The glas and the plastic urine bottles have a scale that allows to read the amount of content. For the pulp urine bottles, there is the possibility to read, on the surface of a measuring tape, the amount of excreted urine in a urine bottle. All models of urine bottles are available with or without lids and are compatible to the urine bottle holder attached to the nursing or hospital bed. Conventional urine bottles are cleaned and disinfected in bedpan washers. The disposable pulp urine bottles are to be shredded and disposed of through the sewage system, using the ECO-Finisher-Macerator.

Compared to the reusable system (bedpan washers), the disposable urine bottle has the advantage that the transfer of germs and bacteria can be excluded. Even the risk of infection of the staff is significantly reduced by using the disposable urine bottle (pulp urine bottle).

Disposable Urine Bottle UB 1 Ecopatent

Disposable Urine Bottle UB 1


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