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ECOPATENT International

Pulp disposable containers & macerators

protection kits

Interrupt the chain of infection!
ECOPATENT ® worldwide patented Disposable & Disposal System for fecal waste in hospitals and nursing homes



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ECOPATENT® Protection Sets

As one can see from the latest daily news and publications from reputable magazines and institutions, such as the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, is the increasing tendency of multi-resistant pathogens and infectious diseases, such as MRSA, MERS, NORO, ESBL and the highly contagious Ebola -Virus, currently in the world a significant issue. For this reason we would like to briefly introduce our patented and innovative product – the ECOPATENT® system.

Core of the product idea are the new pulp disposable patient care containers, such as urine bottles, kidney trays, bedpans, commode pots and wash basins made of pure toilet paper (pulp), which once used, after only one application, are then immediately and as quickly as possible disposed of using a special toilet system, the ECO Finisher Macerator , crushing, liquefying and disposing the containers through the sewers. In highly infectious and dangerous nosocomial outbreaks caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, all once used and contaminated pulp containers can be discarded through the specific hospital waste. Exactly for such cases and applications, we have developed the new ECOPATENT® Protection Sets, produced and made ​​available for our customers.

Our ECOPATENT® molded pulp products, which find their use in hospitals, nursing homes, mobile military hospitals, emergency ambulance, emergency departments, EBOLA competence and treatment centers (STAKOB) and residential care institutions are hygienically safe, combine all economic and environmental benefits and interrupt the chain of infection. ECOPATENT® products are produced either from 100% cellulose or recycled paper.

For all standard disposable pulp patient care containers such as bedpans, commode pots, urine bottles for men and women, kidney dishes-vomit pots, we have compiled and carefully packed all the important user-friendly ( Macerator Friendly ) accessories, such as covers, super absorber, double-wide toilet paper, urine measuring bands, wipes, in special small quantity packaging (our universal cardboard used as shelf system and dispenser).

Our ECOPATENT® sets are in this way unique and user-friendly and ultimately lead to a substantial improvement of hospital and personal hygiene, work time and cost saving and to a reduction of infection risks for patients and caregivers. In addition, the complete ECOPATENT® protection sets, including the human excrementions can be quickly and easily disposed of through our new ECO-finisher Macerator (modified toilet system). Therefore, in addition to the saving of water, energy and labor time, the use of chemicals (disinfectants and cleaning agents) will be greatly reduced in the waste water compared to the conventional systems (reusable, cleaning and disinfection systems). With the ever growing increase in nosocomial outbreaks (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites infections) our system is now worldwide more and more important.

ECOPATENT® is hygienic – easy to use – economic – ecological – sustainable!

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set MRSA und Norovirus protection kitsrecycled paper kit ECOPATENT® Virgin Pulp Set MRSA und Norovirus protection kitsvirgin plup kit
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